FAQs - Our policies are subject to change


What time is Check-In?
You may check-in at between 4 pm and 8 pm.


What time is Check-Out?

You may check-out anytime before 11 AM.


How far are you from the city?

We are around 2 hours from downtown Seattle and Portland.


Is there wood for sale at the lodge?
No. Wood for fireplace is available on certain days only, when we think its seasoned for a good experience. We request you to get firewood on your way if you would like to use the fireplace, there are plenty of sites around Mt.Rainier as well that sell firewood. 

I accidentally broke something during my stay. What happens now?
Accidents happen occasionally. Most often it's a broken piece of glass or a damaged fixture. The credit card on file may be used to cover damage to the units, including (but not limited to) broken glass / windows, damage to the furniture, damage to fixtures, missing items, and will also include time to and from the nearest town to replace these items. For example, if a $20 pool cue is found damaged in the fireplace, then the cost to replace it will be $50, which includes 2 hours of time and gas to get to the nearest sporting goods store and back.


Is there a cleaning fee along with my reservation?
Currently, there are no additional fees, such as cleaning fees, associated with your reservation. However, we do ask that you help us out by taking care of a few things, so that we can continue to waive the cleaning fee while offering low prices. We ask that all trash be placed in / near the dumpster at the entrance, dirty dishes should be either cleaned / rinsed, or placed in the sink. Please leave used linens and towels, we will take care of those. If the place is not left clean we will notify you of additional housekeeping charges for your stay. 

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.

Pets are not allowed in Cabins. 


Are there quiet hours at the Lodge?
Yes, we ask that outdoor music be turned off by 9 PM or when dark and that overall noise be kept to a minimum, for the sake of our neighbors. However, you're welcome to continue the music / noise inside your units.


How close is the Lodge to Mt Rainier National Park?
We are located 1/2 mile (about 1 minute while driving) from the Nisqually Entrance to Mt Rainier National Park. We're about 25-30 minutes from Paradise, the highest point you can reach by car on the Nisqually side of Mt Rainier (elevation of approximately 5,400 feet)


What is your availability?
Please check our Online Calendar for updated availability! You can check specific units, dates, and pricing all online.


I stated on my reservation that 2 people are coming, but more friends might show up. Is that okay?
It's definitely fine with us. However, please keep in mind that we reserve the right to adjust any reservation based on the number of people that actually show up. If you say you're bringing 4 people and 6 people show up, be prepared to pay a higher amount. & we are sorry...no visitors after 7 pm in your cabins !!


Do children count towards the total number of 'adult' guests?
The short answer is 'yes'. But we're willing to be flexible. We tend to think that as long as they're using our beds, towels and so on, it's the same amount of cleaning for us after your group leaves.


Is there staff located on-site?
Yes. We have 1 full-time staff member at the Lodge.


Is there a live person I can reach?
Yes! Please call 360-569-2427. We may be at another unit or greeting guests, but we will return your call as soon as possible.


I just sent in my reservation request. When should I receive a confirmation?
It takes us anywhere between 2 to 24 hours to confirm a reservation request. We may receive them in our email inbox immediately, but we have to double check with our calendars to make sure the dates are still clear before we confirm them.


Is the Lodge open year round?
Yes, we are open all year long!


How big is the property?
The Lodge is 16 acres. Feel free to go trek around the property.


Do you provide towels, linens, blankets, dishes, cups, cookware, coffee-maker, pots & pans, plates, microwave and utensils?
We do provide all of these items&Charcoal barbeque grills are available, guests are to provide their own charcoal.


Do you recommend bringing anything else?
Although we provide linens, blankets, and towels... if you plan on staying more than a week or get cold easily during winter months, we recommend that some groups bring their own blankets (or sleeping bags) and towels. We provide two bath towels, two hand towels and 2 wash cloths per BATHROOM for each unit. We realize this isn't enough for the larger groups who stay multiple nights, we apologize for any inconvenience. And as cold as it gets during the winter, a sleeping bag usually does a better job of keeping you warm than 2 or 3 blankets.


Do you provide soap, shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries?
We do NOT provide any of the above except for soap. Please bring your own shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and other items as necessary.


Where is the closest restaurant?
Gateway Inn no longer has a restaurant, so the closest restaurants are Wild Berry, Alexanders, Copper Creek and the Highlander.


What types of groups tend to rent out The Lodge?
We often have corporate conferences, retreats, churches, family reunions and wedding parties stay at The Lodge.


Is there minimum night stay? 

we ask for a 2 night minimum Large lodge,Chalet,Small lodge,Log cabin. 

Which activities are popular?
On-Site - You can play volleyball, badminton or any sports on the large field. Feel free to bring your sports gear. A lot of people bring their dirt bikes and ride them around Ashford. You're welcome to do so as well.

In Mt Rainier National Park - Many people go hiking, climbing, biking, snowshoeing in the National Park. 


Other options are fishing (Alder Lake and Mineral Lake), swimming, and boating.