Cabins and Lodges


We have a large variety of accommodations that are sure to fit your needs. Here's a quick summary of each unit, in our own words.


All Units - The cost to rent all 7 units & the conference room ranges from $2,152 per night (weekdays) to $2,743 per night (Fri,Sat,Sun,Holiday) .

This includes having 70 guests, as well as exclusive use of camping areas and fire pits.


The Large Lodge - This is our largest unit, our sort of Flagship building that everyone seems to remember us for. It sleeps up to 26 guests and has 6 bedrooms. It is best used for family gatherings, retreats and any sort of group event.


The Front Lodge - The Small Lodge has been many things in it's past. A restaurant, doughnut shop, gift shop, and now a lodging destination. It mostly has single / twin sized beds so it would be best for groups of people where everyone wants their own place to sleep.


The Chalet - The chalet is our most versatile unit. There's a bedroom on the main floor that sleeps up to 8, but has a loft and basement that can sleep another dozen people. So whether it's just your typical family of 4, or a larger extended family, there should be plenty of room in the chalet.

Log Cabin - Our guests love the Log Cabin because it's great for groups of up to 8. The main floor features a bathroom, fireplace, kitchen, laundry room and  featuring a 2 full size folding sofa.


Cedar Cabin - The cedar cabin is our most popular unit and is also the most secluded of all of our cabins. With 2 full bedrooms along with a full kitchen, some guests stay here for weeks.


Family Cabin - The family cabin is a 1 full bedroom & 1 single bedroom unit that many guests like to rent out in conjunction with the Large Lodge. It's tucked right behind the Large Lodge and allows people a chance to breakaway from the larger party when they want some peace and quiet.


Green Hill Cabin - The green hill cabin is studio unit that can sleep up to 3 guests. It features everything you need, include a small kitchenette, full bathroom, a double bed as well as a bunk bed.

Conference room - Occupancy: 70 people